From the MD desk

The only thing that is constant in this volatile market is change. If a brand has to thrive in this day and age, innovation is exigent, and Huathai has done an impeccable job at adapting to the changes and getting ahead of times. Since its inception, we have evolved from being of the most reputable organizations in the industry, and we plan on becoming one of the biggest manufacturers of tiles in the near future.

About Huathai Ceramics

Hua Thai Ceramics, a pioneer of vitrified tiles manufacturing in Bangladesh, is a dynamic business house that has evolved over two decades. The collections at Hua Thai, inspired by various trends across the world, are borne out of international synergies between design, craft and development. In keeping with the rapid changes experienced across the architectural and interior design landscape of Bangladesh, Hua Thai offers products and solutions that's synonymous with the words ‘Committed to Quality', 'Availability' and 'Satisfaction'.

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